We aim to provide customers with maximum advantages, focusing on offering effective and competitive partnership programs.

Earn with our
affiliate program when you bring new clients to Bintense.

Bintense affiliate program is designed for customers with a strong online presence, from website owners, social media influencers, and affiliate marketers to SEO professionals. You will get a volume-based rebate for every completed exchange transaction of customers you bring to us.

easy steps to start earning with Bintense:


Please complete the application form provided below. Our Bintense team will carefully assess your request. Upon pre-approval of your application, you will receive an affiliate service agreement and a list of KYB documents necessary to verify your business. Additionally, we will provide you with an individual referral link, an affiliate dashboard, and various marketing materials and guidelines to assist you in getting started.


Kindly submit a signed service agreement and the necessary documents to verify your business. Additionally, we request that you provide us with a comprehensive list of channels and resources for promoting our brand (such as websites, blogs, social influencers, networking platforms, etc.). Please include an example of promotional material featuring your referral link. Your submitted documents, channels, and materials will be carefully reviewed within 48 hours. We reserve the right to approve, disapprove, or suggest any necessary changes.


Start introducing new customers to Bintense with a dedicated link. Our dedicated account management team can collaborate and create customised offerings for your audience. Our Compliance and Support team oversees the KYC verification process for each customer order. You just link to Bintense in articles, create new content, or place ads on your website.

Getting rewarded!

By promoting Bintense and using your referral link, you will earn a commission from each exchange transaction completed by verified customers who have registered through your efforts. The remuneration offered is highly appealing, and there is no limit to how much you can earn – the more customers you refer, the greater your potential earnings. You can conveniently monitor transaction volumes through your affiliate dashboard. Commissions are paid out every Monday unless you have any inquiries or corrections to be addressed, which you can communicate to our dedicated affiliate manager. Please note that only affiliates who have completed KYB verification can receive affiliate commissions.

Create your affiliate account and get an
individual referral link

Create your affiliate account and get an
ndividual referral link

    Years on the Market:

    Why become
    a Bintense affiliate


    Highly competitive commission and payout structure: 

    • No setup fees
    • Reliable and fast payments
    • No cap on commissions


    Transparent payment and performance reporting:

    • Performance tracking has never been easier
    • Full transparency and personalised dashboard


    High conversion marketing materials: 

    • Educational materials
    • Personalised service from a dedicated Affiliate Manager
    • Wide range of resources


    Strictly regulated:

    • Bintense is a leading Lithuanian crypto exchange
    • The highest standards of regulation and compliance
    • Ultimate protection of your clients ensured!

    Start earning

    Start earning today

    We look forward to partnering with you! Please feel free to contact the Bintense Affiliate Team with any questions. Generally, we respond to email requests within 24 hours. Don’t hesitate to contact our live chat customer support if you need urgent assistance.